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From: Jan-Åke Andersson
September 18, 2007 1:58:56 PM

The following Application was filed with the UN Office in Geneva on September 17/2007 at 19:30 EDT.







United Nations                                                             1503.HCHR@UNOG.Ch

Commission Team (1503 procedure)

Support Services Branch

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

United Nations Office at Geneva

Ch-1211 Geneva 10

Suiss, Switzerland


Communication under:          The International Bill of Human Rights,

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

In accordance with the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights



Date:                                        September 17/2007


Complainant:                   Given Names                   Kenneth Jan-Åke

                               Family Name       Andersson

                               Nationality            Swedish

                               Date of Birth  July 30/1944

                               Place of Birth            Karlskrona, Sweden



Address:             Ottawa, Ontario    CANADA     K1K 3R9


Submitting the Application on my own behalf.



High Contracting State:          Kingdom of Sweden



Articles to the Declarations and Covenants

alleged to have been violated:


Universal Declaration:


Article # 2          Discrimination against national origin and territory to which a person belongs.


Article # 5           Subject to physical torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.


Article # 6          Denial of recognition as a person with equity in dignity and rights of people in general.


Article # 7          In it’s entire. No remedy available to be implemented.


Article # 8          In it’s entire. No remedy available to be implemented.


Article # 13:2    Everybody has the right to leave any country, including his own, and return to his country.


Article # 15:2    Denied the right to change his nationality. By being held in jail abroad and thereby deprived of days required for obtaining other citizenship.


Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:


Article # 7           Per Article # 5 in the Universal Declaration


Article # 12:4    Deprivation of right to enter his own country by the jeopardy in obtaining a new and valid passport.


Article # 16          Everyone shall have the right to recognition as a person before the law.


Article # 25:c    The denial of access on general terms of equality to public service of his own country.


Article # 26          Discriminatory.





Exhaustion of remedies:

                                    Department for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

                             Chancellor of Justice (Gun Cederberg) Sweden

                             Swedish Embassy, Ottawa, ON

                             Canadian Passport Office, Hull, QC

                             Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Ottawa, ON



Statement of the Facts:


The most recent legitimate passport in my possession had been issued to me at the Swedish Embassy in Ottawa on the 29th of May 1997 (exhibit # 1, passport copy) with a ten (10) year validity. On May 24/2007, five days before it’s expiry date, I entered the same Swedish embassy to inquire about a new passport. My query, if I was allowed to have presented it would have been whether it would be advisable to apply for a new passport before the expiry of the old one in possession or to defer the filing of a new application until time prior to a border crossing and the subsequent need of a valid passport would be relevant. Before even presenting my request upon my entering the premises of the Swedish Embassy, I was wrongfully, rudely immediately chased out from there in a gruff and degrading manner (exhibit # 2, letter to the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs sent by e-mail on June 28/2007).


Immediately next thereby I went to the Canadian Passport Office, downtown Ottawa, to obtain the appropriate application forms and information about a Canadian Refugee Travel Document. The application was made out next by me and presented in person at the Canadian Passport Office in Hull, QC on August 12/2007 (exhibit # 3, copy of application). After my lengthy discussion with two most qualified officers at the Canadian Passport Office in Hull, QC, it was explained to me that the Canadian passport authority will not issue a passport unless I am able to present an affidavit by the Swedish authorities stating their clear refusal to issue a passport or a statement that my Swedish citizenship is null and voided. Neither so far can or will be provided by the Swedish authorities as well, the refusal to cancel my citizenship as well as their refusal to issue an affidavit for the denial of a new passport issuance is totally clear also.


At my past visit to Sweden in 2005 for the annual maintenance of my real estate  property, bought by my grandfather in 1908 and now next with myself as registered owner there, a plain clothed bailiff without identification and with two assistants were caught, apprehended  by myself their breaking into my former dwelling. Their next false confiscation of this my entire Swedish property had been orchestrated in secrecy by their falsely submitting their discretionary tax assessments to an obsolete address for three consecutive years. They clearly had used a false address such that the correspondences may not be received by me. If they were really ever mailed out is uncertain. The matter pertaining to these acts, the acts of the Swedish Tax Authority, Bailiff included has been filed by me in an application for at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, case file # 7444/06. A further application is in the process in due course next to be filed for the United Nation in Geneva. There are 65 – 68,000 individuals owning real property in Sweden and residing abroad. The second person I had met with Swedish ties upon returning to Canada in 2006 tells me that the Swedish tax bailiff had approached him also.


For chasing the perpetrators away from my owned property I next got a one-year prison sentence and I was wrongfully refused to serve the time given in Canada. For the municipal court deliberation, represented by a local lawyer, I had requested the denouncement of my Swedish citizenship. A demand never accepted or put forth by the lawyer. There were no public audience present at the municipal court hearing.


At the next related appeal court the lawyer requested to represent me, with accreditation in Quebec, Annie Eklund, advised by the attaché Petra Kask of the Canadian Embassy in Stockholm, was immorally, wrongfully refused by the Swedish legal system etc.. I defended myself at the appeal court deliberation which was as well lacking all public audience and I there had stated verbally and in writing my desire to be released from my Swedish citizenship ties but was openly denied.


Finally in my letter to the Swedish Chancellor of Justice (exhibit # 4) dated January 16/2006 and sent from the penitentiary by me in Karlskrona the denouncement again of my citizenship was demanded by me. No reply to this demand was as of today’s date received.


By my being incarcerated in jail in Sweden the number of my qualifying days during the preceding four-year period (1095 required) for a Canadian citizenship could not be fulfilled although I immigrated to Canada on July 17/1967 (exhibit # 5, immigration document) and thereby a Canadian passport next can not be issued to me.


Therefore the only optional choice  for me to attain a protective shield from persecution and to have an identity was to apply for Asylum Protection in Canada. In November of 2006 I signed an application to the Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the Honourable Monte Solberg, and pleaded to be granted asylum protection by the Dominion of Canada (exhibit # 6). In the reply received, dated November28/2006, there is merely a request for the payment of a CAD 550.00 fee (exhibit # 7signed by Y. Levesque).


Soon after my visit to the Canadian Passport Office in Hull a reminder to the letter of June 28/2007 was e-mailed to the Chancellor of Justice but addressed to the Department for Foreign Affairs on August 21/2006 (exhibit # 8).


At my visit to the Swedish Embassy in Ottawa on August 30/2007, the attaché I had met next demanded of me to provide for her a written affidavit, protocol to be obtained from the Citizenship and Immigration Ministry of Canada stating whether or not I have or have applied for a Canadian Citizenship (exhibit # 9 note by embassy). The cost for such document search is at present minimum CAD 75.00 and since no application has ever been filed, the search would continue to it’s maximum, hence, to a maximum of cost. Furthermore this unreasonable search can go on for an indefinite time. These aforementioned demands for the proof of innocence were laid out also in a letter dated September 6/2007 (exhibit # 10) and sent to the Embassy of Sweden, Ottawa as well as to the Canadian Minister of Immigration.


                                                                   Ottawa, Ontario

                                                                   September 17/2007


                                                                   Jan-Åke Andersson



List of Documents enclosed.


Exhibit # 1: Copy of most recent Passport

Exhibit # 2: Letter to the Minister for Foreign Affairs June 28/2007

Exhibit # 3: Copy of Application for Refugee Passport

Exhibit # 4: Letter to the Chancellor of Justice, Stockholm

Exhibit # 5: Copy of Canadian Immigration Documents (IMM 1000)

Exhibit # 6: Letter to the Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Exhibit # 7: Reply from Y. Levesque, Canadian Ministerial Enquiries Division

Exhibit # 8: Reminder to the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs of June 28

Exhibit # 9: Notes handed over by the Swedish Embassy in Ottawa

Exhibit # 10: Letter to the Swedish Embassy cc Minister of Immigration, Canada



Exhibit # 1           Photocopy of Passport


Exhibit # 2


Subject :  Passport issues


The Honourable Carl Bildt, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Department for Foreign Affairs

Government of Sweden


Sweden, Suède


 Harassment to Obtain Legal ID – Travel Document


 Your Honour,


 The Swedish government demands from me a citizen of Sweden my taxes, even forces them from me by imprisonment as well and yet they next wrongfully refused to renew wrongfully many times my Swedish passport. Here are my undeniable personal experiences in this regard. On the Thursday of May 24/2007 at 10:10 I went into the Swedish embassy in Ottawa to inquire about a new Swedish passport. I didn’t quite even get time to explain what my errand was about before the male clerk preceding at the reception in a gruff and degrading manner and with his arms swinging at me immediately chased me out from the premises. My then present valid passport was good until May 29/2007.


 There has been a typical history of the past unacceptable harassment of my legal, human, citizen rights by Swedish personnel, and they and their superiors should be rightfully and early fired, removed from their jobs now as well, by the attempts made to obtain a new passport upon the expiry of the old one.


 For the record- in 1968 I was refused a passport by the Swedish consulate in Toronto. And firstly prior to the election in 1971 there was a passport issued to a premium of expenses to prevent a thereby enforced ineligibility for me to vote in the Swedish election.


 In the fall of 1976 I had to fly Montreal – Copenhagen on an outdated and invalid passport.


 In 1997 I phoned the Swedish embassy in Ottawa to find out as to what duration of time it would take to get a new passport. The answer stated over the phone was two to five days. Upon arranging a few days of stay-over I drove the 500 km to Ottawa to fill out the forms, those can not be sent to you in the mail, met with Katarina de la Rocq and was instantly informed that it would take two weeks to obtain a passport. The now reason given was that “it had to be mailed to Stockholm and returned” before issue. Being refused a clear and concise answer on the phone as to the time for pick up when the two weeks had elapsed but rather a reply like “I don’t know the cabinet with passport issues is locked”, I went to the Canadian passport office and filed an application for a refugee passport. The Canadian Refugee Passport office then contacted the Swedish embassy and enabled the issuance of a new passport that was then received 27 days after the application was filed.


Also other people who should carry a Swedish passport are put through the very same unreasonable demands. Mr. LA who has an aged mother and other relatives in Sweden was demanded, among others, to provide proof that he had not filed an application for Canadian citizenship when he came to the embassy to obtain a new passport. A young woman with dual citizenship from birth applied for a Swedish passport to go to Sweden for the first time. The embassy would not inform her about the clearance day of her passport or call her to pick it up. When her father arrived with her at the embassy they were informed the passport had been ready there for several months.


 It ought to be all certain that most other persons abroad who are dependent on carrying a valid Swedish passport are wrongfully subject to these unacceptable and unnecessary measures.


 Not only by the refusal to provide the application forms by mail and the uncertainty of the date of issue. Myself, I had to drive altogether 2000 kilometres in 1997 to get it.


 In the year of 2000 the Swedish Tax Authority (STA) elevated the persecution and harassment on me by demanding an income tax return to be filed not mentioning that they had registered me as a company or organization. I asked in all kindness to be advised as to the reason for their demand as well as if I should change my citizenship (letter to STA, Per Stenbeck, dated Aug 23/2000). Since there was still another seven years of valid identity usage remaining, the property tax demand squared off and not aware of what I was subject to, I left the citizenship matter to rest. Hereafter the STA files for discretionary assessments for three consecutive years, mailing all letters to a previous and obsolete address to prevent me to receive them and upon the achievement of a discretionary sum of about 2.5% of my property value, inventories excepted, the bailiff was utilized to forcibly break into the buildings and rob me of the entire property. The consequences of which lead to a one-year imprisonment sentence for me, the defendant of my property, based on a tell tale and sanctioned by the Swedish judicial system, lawyers included. Since being tucked into a Swedish jail and refused to serve sentence for the fictively imposed crime in my home country, the number of qualifying days during the pervious 4-year period do no longer add up to the 1095 required to be awarded a Canadian citizenship. Upon arriving back in Canada, after jail term served, the second person met with ties to Sweden informs me that he had also been discretionary tax assessed similarly by sending the assessment letters to an obsolete address to instigate bailiff measures to be taken and thereby also implicate listings in various detrimental registries. There are 65 – 68,000 individuals on this planet, according to the Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics, owning real property in Sweden but residing abroad. The Swedish Tax Authority will not disclose what numbers of them there are subject to secretly imposed discretionary assessments.


 To be a carrier of a valid passport is associated with many reasons. One contrary the state is to enable the fulfillment of the law with respect to the maintenance of the property owned. For myself a travel document honoured by all carriers and recognized at boundary crossings is an all necessity. There will be a travel document issued according to the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees 1951 and its Protocol of 1967 issued in Canada upon the fulfillment of the requirements and that is the refusal by the state in which citizenship is held to issue a passport. The procedure time to obtain a travel document will be shorter if a document is presented stating the refusal by the country of origin to issue a passport. I therefore request from the Swedish Department of Foreign Affairs, a document certifying the refusal to issue a valid passport to be duly stamped and signed and sent to me without delay.


 There was a demand filed while tucked into a Swedish jail dated January 16/2006 and sent to the Chancellor of Justice, Gun Cederberg, to have my Swedish citizenship revoked. There is as of today’s date no confirmation received to that request. With my cancellation demand certified approved there should be a favourable opportunity to obtain a Canadian citizenship next.



Exhibit # 3          Copy of application for a Canadian Refugee Travel Document.



Exhibit # 4



Box 2308

S-10317 Stockholm



Re: Removal of Lawyers Fees and other matters.



Your Honour,

On August 19/2005 upon arrest the police appointed a lawyer Mr. Claes Möllersten (CM) to be present for the interrogation required by the police and on August 20/2005 another lawyer, Mr. Karl Olof Wirell, was placed beside me for a deliberation held with respect to the issue of an arrest warrant. There also has taken place on August 29/2005 a court proceeding dealing with prosecution in my absence from which no information or protocol has been obtained whatsoever. CM informs me that he had received an appointment on August 23/2005 from the municipal court in Kalmar to represent me to deal with the accusations. He could not inform me as to the embracement of his appointment. On August 25/2005 the police bring along the lawyer, CM, to the Västervik penitentiary for another interrogation. The municipal court in Kalmar case file B 3117-05 pronounced me to pay for the fees to the lawyers of their appointees.


CM has done absolutely nothing to the defence of his client. No request for defence material has been answered. No measures of investigation or interrogation have been carried out. Rehearsal at site refused even visit by himself at the site is omitted. Not a single question or query pertaining to the prosecution was put forth at the court hearing to either plaintiff or witness. CM or Karl Olof Wirell has no power of attorney document signed by myself. CM had been invited by the appeal court in Jönköping to sit in a disturbing manner at the same desk that I was ushered to, though not permitted any part of the deliberation. The cost for his invitation to Göta hovrätt was likely borne by the state. CMs' name appears wrongfully on the appeal court as well as the Supreme Court verdict as the defence lawyer. He had no say or involvement at those deliberations or applications.


CM has achieved; a one year jail sentence based solely on a lie, a delay of my departure to my home country and home up until today by 126 days, the deterioration of timber laying in my forest to a value of SEK 300 000:- and additional costs for its removal, that tools and a chain saw are left in the forest and five buildings are unlocked one of which with the door wide open, a car on the property with the key in the ignition lock, the necessity for me to take loans of SEK 227 825:- since the bailiff refuses to accept Canadian currency, the need to instigation of friends and relatives to provide services for me that I in due course have to reimburse them for since being deprived of liberty and totally unable to carry out anything outside the prison walls.


Mr. Chancellor of justice I urge that you remove the legal fees burden on me for these so called lawyers that have to such a degree been an obstacle to my defence in all respects and particularly being a shield for me at the municipal court hearings to speak for myself. The Swedish legal aid society (Rättshjälpsmyndigheten) has refused to provide assistance on the merits that a minimum of a one-hour consultation is required a forehand and an altogether 5 - 10 minutes has been given. Of my net annual income SEK 77 893:- less expenses 34 060:- and now interest 22788:- remains 21 045:- to cover for necessary living expenses. The lawyers have not prepared themselves nor their client for any deliberation or other events. Transcripts on paper of the court tape-recorded questionings may be available from me upon request and at your own cost for copies and postage.


My chain saw brought from Canada has been ordered to destruction. I urge that you order the saw to be kept intact. The domestic judicial remedies are now considered to have been exhausted and should the next international remedy be interested in a proof of innocence to statements made by opponents the saw intact is necessary for the disposal. It would be no harm done to allow me upon my return to Canada to have the saw deported with me and under whatever circumstances at least the fragments from the saw.


Two firearms are also confiscated. Since both are registered in Canada, one of which purchased there, I urge to return or have them returned to Canada upon my departure.


Though emigrated in 1967 I have still retained Swedish citizenship. Since I am deprived entirely of protection by the law that should be a guarantee adhered to the citizenship, all social insurances refused and denied all other public services, I demand to be relieved from the Swedish citizenship upon the expiry in 2007 of my present passport and I therefore ask you to expedite the matter to department authorized.


Please reply by turning mail with reference identification to this matter and the one dated September 24/2005 for future dealings.


 Jan-Åke Andersson            Karlskrona January 16/2006

c/o Häktet i Karlskrona

Box 303

S-37125 Karlskrona



PS. At the deliberation conducted by CM at the municipal court a concluding speech was entirely absent, which should sufficiently proof his lack of preparatory measures done.




Exhibit # 5          Photocopie of immigration documents.



Exhibit # 6


To The Honourable Monte Solberg

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Government of Canada

Parliament Hill Office

Room 107, Confederation Building

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0A6


    Your Honour,


I, the undersigned Jan-Åke Andersson, do now plead herewith mercifully to be granted Asylum Protection granted by the Dominion of Canada.


My application is founded on the fact that I am, by all visible, clear evidence, as submitted to the news mediae and the European Court of Human Rights by me, I am willfully by the Swedish regime being persecuted and discriminated of by several Swedish authorities in particular tax authorities, judicial authorities, lawyers included, Chancellor and Ombudsman of Justice and a number of other civil servants and public departments.


The aforementioned parties have, as the most severe crime against me, wrongfully tried to rob me of my real property, now at two occasions. The second of which recently succeeded in, by lies, false and foul slander, also converted my status into the “family” of criminals and at same time robbed me of a large amount of cash manifested by their judicial clan, lawyers included. This was really despicable on their parts now as well.


By being tucked into a horrible TBC contaminated jail on fictive grounds at my last visit to Sweden the qualifying number of days for citizenship has been jeopardized.


The correspondence copies enclosed in support of this plead represents a small cluster of a total.


The notification for the termination of my Swedish citizenship was given in a letter dated January 16/2006 to the Chancellor of Justice, Ms. Gun Cederberg.


Favourable consideration to my application is pleaded for



Ottawa, Ontario

November 28/2006




  Jan-Åke Andersson


Exhibit # 7 Reply to Application for Asylum Protection. Y. Levesque


 Exhibit # 8


Subject :  Reply request

The Honourable Carl Bilt, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Department for Foreign Affairs

Government of Sweden


Sweden, Suède


Harassment to Obtain Legal ID – Travel Document


 Your Honour,


There is still no reply to the letter following below. The Canadian Passport Office in Hull, Quebec will not issue a passport unless I am able to present a document certifying the refusal by the Kingdom of Sweden to issue a valid passport. Please state your refusal in writing at the earliest.


A verification by the Chancellor of Justice stating that my Swedish citizenship has been null, void and buried would be in favour of obtaining a Travel Document issued by Canada.


It may be mentioned that due to the Swedish Abduction-Kidnapping, jail incarceration of me in 2005 with refusal to allow jail time to be served in the country of residence, the 1095 days requirement during the past four years is jeopardized.


Ottawa, Ontario

     August 21/2007 


Exhibit # 9


            Embassy of Sweden                 Embassy of Sweden

            Ambassade de Suede                 Ambassade de Suede

                                        Ottawa                                                                       Ottawa


Search of Citizenship record     Personbevis

                                 -skatteverket. se

Citizenship and Immigration               -kontakta oss

                                 Leta upp ditt lokala                      skattekontor där du

                                bodde sist. Skicka e-mail

377 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa, Ont. K1N 9N8                  och be om personbevis

Tel: (613) 241-8553          Fax: (613) 241-2277

          E-mail:                                377 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa, Ont. K1N 9N8                                                                            Tel: (613) 241-8553     Fax: (613) 241-2277




Exhibit # 10


Embassy of Sweden                  

377 Dalhousie Street                

Ottawa, Ontario

K1N 9N8


At: The Attaché


Re: Application for Passport



Your Honour,


At my request on Thursday August 30/2007 to apply for a new Swedish passport, You had demanded proof to be provided by me stating that “I had neither obtained nor applied for a Canadian citizenship”. Such search for citizenship records may be obtained from the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Bureau for a fee and for an indefinite time period to receive the search protocol.


It would seem more reasonable, right instead firstly to demand a proof for the possession of my own Swedish citizenship upon applying for a Swedish passport?


Since some years back the possession of dual citizenship, Canadian and Swedish are available now to enjoy. Hence, even by holding a Canadian citizenship upon applying for a Swedish passport, qualified to by citizenship, the search protocol requested would be of no value but a troublesome and an expensive waste.


It is clearly most inconvenient for the applicant of a new passport not to be informed until the last minute about these elevated rules imposed. Any Swedish visitor to a foreign country with an expiring passport is by no doubt put in severe jeopardy with many additional days spend abroad awaiting imposed procedures to be finalised and approved of.


At my visit to the Swedish Embassy in Ottawa on May 24/2007, still with another five days validity of my then present passport, there would by all evidence have been right proper to promptly and concisely inform the potential applicant instead of chasing him out from the premises.


A Canadian refuge passport will not be issued at the passport office in Hull, QC unless an affidavit by the Kingdom of Sweden is presented certifying the refusal to issue a passport.


The measures demanded to perform to apply for a new passport, to proof of not being, is by clear evidence a demand for the provision of “proof of innocence”, a demand that is forbidden in the Human Rights Protection by the United Nation as well as with the same, European Commission.


The protection from such measures to be imposed by other states ought to be sanctioned by Canada when occurring in Canada.


Please correct and deal with the unacceptable Consulate matters. RSVP


  Jan-Åke Andersson 


cc. Montee Solberg, Minister of Immigration


Present Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson, 

Present  Honourable Diane Finley MP
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Present Minister of Human Resources and Social Development 
Honourable MonteSolberg,   MP

Major news editors

Addendum to Application‏
From: Jan-Åke Andersson (
Sent: September 24, 2007 7:15:00 PM
Addendum to Application dated September  17/2007

United Nations                                                        1503.HCHR@UNOG.Ch
Commission Team (1503 procedure)
Support Services Branch
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
Ch-1211 Geneva 10
Suiss, Switzerland

Communication under:  RRe: International Bill of Human Rights,
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
In accordance with the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Date:                                September 17/2007

Complainant:                   Given Names                   Kenneth Jan-Åke
                               Family Name       Andersson
                               Nationality            Swedish
                               Date of Birth  July 30/1944
                               Place of Birth            Karlskrona, Sweden
                                       Ottawa, Ontario

Submitting the Application on my own behalf.

High Contracting State:          Kingdom of Sweden

Addendum to Application dated September 17/2007
JanÅke Andersson

For myself as a still living and conscious human being I am fully aware that I would commit a breech to the law by applying for a Citizenship Search Record    from the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Ministry that I am before hand aware of does not exist. The authority thus next applied to would, likely would be well founded, file a disturbance charge against me for such a fraudulent attempt. I have already clearly stated I have not obtained any Canadian Citizenship to date, but I have applied for Canadian refugee status based on my stated mistreatments by the Kingdom of Sweden. I have had only a Swedish passport in my lifetime too.

In the instructions to the application forms for the Search of Citizenship Records it clearly states; “make sure that you are eligible for a search of citizenship records before you apply”. There is also a cost adhered to obtain the documents requested. Apparently there is a Canadian statute for the protection of such impositions demanded and enforcing the demanding to bear the costs for their requirements stipulated. The Swedish Government imposes on me to bear this cost.

Also since the time for an election will be upcoming the eligibility to vote and to be elected to any state or European Union office requires the possession of a valid passport. The aforementioned opportunities are set aside. Nothing of the entire Article 25 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is there to enjoy.
The past Swedish passport obtained in 1970 was given me after the implementation of this right to vote.

Furthermore on August 19/2007 I was incarcerated in jail by the Swedish authorities, for rightfully trying to chase strangers, housebreakers off my property. My identity was then established simply by an eight-year-old Swedish driver's licence. The card wallet taken also contained, among others, Canadian bank cards, a social insurance card, membership card and car insurance proof clearly indicating that I was at the time living in Canada. At no occasion, at any of the three court appearances next included, has there been a query as to the actual present citizenship held of the person, me, neither has the Canadian authorities ever been contacted in this matter.

Achievements aimed at with this application.

To obtain another fully valid passport.

To obtain full compensation for all the extra costs, inconveniences and endeavours in the attempt to obtain a passport that I am entitled to carry for as long as I have the Swedish citizenship and no other body may issue a passport to me.

To achieve improved, easier more favourable bureaucracy and           harmonized conditions for myself and my fellow human beings.

 A better planet to live on.   

          Jan-Åke Andersson                       
           September 24/2007
          Ottawa, Ontario

PS: Note that "Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone's best interest" for if the evil persons are not directly punished themselves for their unacceptable bad acts, personal abuses they next will not stop their wrong doings or learn to do good again. Sadly Most politicians, civil servants really don't care to help the others cause they are busy helping themselves  till there is a lot of media flack it seems too.



Jan-Åke Andersson 

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA